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Explorers' Way Book

The Ultimate Guide for your Journey Across Australia

Over 100,000 copies sold!

Australia’s Explorers Way—a 164-page book jam-packed with information about the Explorers’ Way from Adelaide to Darwin. Discover more about the Flinders Ranges, the Outback, Opal Country, Central Australia, and the Top End. It includes fold-out maps, distances, fuel stops, towns, attractions, national parks, accommodation, tours, trails, stories, and more! 


Wildlife & Nature Parks

Want to be one with nature and experience wildlife parks in Australia? Australia’s Explorers’ Way book features many wonderful places to visit! 


Fuel Stops & Road Houses

You won’t need to worry about where you can fuel your car and get nourishing meals and snacks. 

Explorers’ Way book leads you to fuel stops and Roadhouses. 


Amazing Heritage

Discover Amazing Heritage—the First Nation’s (Aboriginal people’s) art and culture of more than 40,000 years and the epic construction of the Overland Telegraph Line across Australia that brought modern communication. And you can experience the War Years in the Top End. 

Plan Your Trip

No matter where you go in Australia, it’s always best to plan your trips. This way, you won’t miss the best attractions the area has to offer. Plus, you can book your accommodations ahead—saving you time and money. 


Aside from flinders ranges and outback visitor guide, Australia’s Explorers Way also features other scenic places and amazing stops from South Australia all the way to Darwin. We’ll help you have the experience of a lifetime as we feature and highlight the things to do and see through northern South Australia. We’ve carefully selected the places of interest in your journey, so you can have the explorer’s experience everyone could ever ask for.  

Get The Book Now!

This book consists of everything you need in your journey from Adelaide to Darwin. We even feature contacts for further information. Don’t get a headache trying to plan your trip. Get your copy of Australia’s Explorers Way today! 

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